Dominate YouTube with the RIGHT Videos at the RIGHT Time for the RIGHT Customers with Tom Breeze


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to create the perfect YouTube ad
  • Customer INTENTION vs. attention
  • Facebook ads vs. YouTube ads
  • Really advanced YouTube stuff
  • Google’s AI and machinery


Did you know YouTube and Google are the top marketing dynamic duo? What platform is your business using to run ads? Join the YouTube clan with Tom Breeze, the ultimate YouTube ad expert, and CEO of Viewability. Tom is telling us how to dominate YouTube ads with the right videos at the right time for the right customers. Oh, and he has a British accent, so that’s always a plus. Learn your customers’ INTENT and find your customers’ sweet spot with YouTube ads and Tom Breeze.


Really Advanced YouTube Stuff

Let’s not waste any time diving deep into the YouTube mechanics. Google’s AI and machine learning is completely freaking out YouTubers and marketers… in a good way. The market is constantly changing and you don’t want your YouTube ads to be left at the bottom of the feed.

Here’s what Tom told us:

Incorporating Google’s AI into your BEST ads makes a HUGE difference. To be exact, $3,000 dollars a day to $10,000 and $15,000.

If you can make YouTube work for your business, wait around eight months and then let Google’s machinery take over. Google finds your IDEAL customers and puts your BEST YouTube ad in front of them.


Why Is YouTube So Awesome?

Need a healthy diet where you can still eat meat? YouTube it. Need to plunge your toilet, but don’t have a plunger? YouTube it. You get the idea.

People go to YouTube to learn information.

Customers typically head to the trustworthy Google search to solve their predicament. But, when someone needs a descriptive step-by-step answer, Google’s top results are YouTube videos.

Customers search YouTube to know, do, or buy a specific thing. Google can actually funnel your best customers into searching for your videos, thus your BEST ads.


  • Previous users of a specific product are actually more helpful than the product’s website. And where do those users upload their videos? You guessed it, YouTube.


Your Customer’s Sweet Spot

To be successful with a YouTube ad, you have to figure out the perfect moment for your customers and let your ad bleed that moment. Find the sweet spot.

Alright, YouTubers, we’ve given you a taste about YouTube ads. Now, tune in to hear more from Tom Breeze as he spills the beans about Google’s AI data versus your data. Don’t miss the jolly Brit’ on this week’s episode and find the sweet spot to create a perfect YouTube ad for your perfect customers.


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